These are depictions of  items in some state prior to being finished and sold.

 Made a guestbook. Used resin epoxy for the designs.

A name in white oak

Dragon plaque. Right click +open in new tab to see larger image

3D Butterfly on base

A vase of some sort

Llave de mi corazón 

Key to my Heart (Spanish)

Key to my heart

A romantic thing that she might like.

 1/4 pine. Xbox controller stand.

A sign while trying to find what I wanted for a logo. 1/2 cedar on 1/2 pine backer.

Large lady gnome.  1/4 inch pine. Stained. 

Medium lady gnome.  1/2 birch ply and 1/8th ply/

Gnome couple. 1/4 pine.

Hide this guy and freak out your partner. Less than 6 inches. 1/4 pine.

Large gnome. 1/2 inch pine. Stained.

Garden gnome. 1/2 inch cedar. Stakes added for outside.

3/4 inch cedar and 1/4 pine. 

Kiloton F-bomb. Pine. Clear coat. 

The 1/4 inch pine angel got a white wash.

The 1/4 inch pine angel got a white wash.

A kitty that will hang from a shelf.

How angels are made. All 1/4 inch pine.

If you have ever felt the need for a few F-bombs... These have been a hit with my co-workers!

A possible shingle to hang up once things are going good... Using a different name, did you notice that?

Prepping the bombs for throwing.

This flower is made of a ply that is about 7/32 thick. When the pot is added, it will look like terra cotta. A sweet little butterfly will come and land on it, I know.

I am hoping to find some silver or chrome and paint the sword of the slayer.

Poplar body and mahogany handle with  1/4 pine dowels.