This an item for a neighbor. It's a surprise.

Here are the skulls from a bygone graphic novel series. A whitewashed version, a well used and worn version, and thin blue line version.

I also torch projects.

Item for order based on past project

A quick cut from some alder veneer. 

Headphone station

I also torch projects.

Burned Beards with magnets. About 5/8 inch thick. Alder (left) White oak (right)

Sign made for co-worker

Mini gnomes - about 3 inches high.... 

A nice, fun silhouette. 

This is about 4 in x 4 in x 1/4 in. White oak veneer on MDF. It took about 5 hours total.

Got the logo branding iron. Working on learning to use it.

3/4 in Cedar and 1/4 in pine. 

Let's just say that. 

This sold for $150. White oak 5/8 x 8 1/4 x 26. Letters are 5/8 in alder.

Stains: Plaque: Clear Poly ; Letters: Natural Cherry

Popular toon playing a ukulele. Requested item. 

5/8 white oak on 9/16 birch ply backer approx. 10 x 10

A bit of Halloween fun. It's 10 x 10 x 5/8 with a backer.

9/16 birhc ply with 1/4 ply backer.

Quick swan. 5/16 ply. 

About 20 minutes. Most of the time was spent transffering the shape to the wood.

When Pgs Fly

5/8 Alder with clear gloss

Music Sculpture by Steve Good. This is about 22 tall x 1 thick pine. 

I was told to make a sign.