Who am I?

I am a home woodworker mainly using a scroll saw. I do this on my own. After standard work hours. I found a used scroll saw in a pawn shop several years ago and have slowly added to my shop since then.

What is this?

A one-man operation that does not use a CNC. I really don't want to use a CNC. There are other machines my money would be better spent on.

How do I buy/order something?

Whether it's in the Galler, Videos, In Progress, For Sale, pages or not, you email me: Bear@awoodenbear.com.

Where are your prices?

Not everything has a posted price. Those that do are one off that I did for fun.  There is a material cost figured in and a cost based on fabrication time. Right now, fabrication is a portion of materials cost. The more intricate something is, the higher the cost.

What are my payment options?

At the moment, I am local in the Boise-Nampa-Caldwell, Idaho area and generally do cash. I am looking at setting up a point of sales.

How long will it take for me to get an item?

I work on projets and orders part-time. Just like you, there are days that I just nope out of the shop. Depending on the complexity of the item and the techniques I use, if you ask on Monday, you can realistically have the item 7 calendar days later if local - add standard shipping if not.


The Bench of Bear

This is where the magic happens... where Bear makes the sawdust. All shelves and the bench are made from reclaimed wood.